Festival goers advised on the dangers of ‘Morning After’ drink driving


Summer festival and party goers are being advised on the dangers of ‘morning after’ drink driving with new specially produced resources.

There are dozens of music festivals all over the UK during the spring/summer months, many of which draw huge crowds. Many festivalgoers are likely to consume large quantities of alcohol over two to three days and then quite possibly drive home the morning after the event.

But it’s not only people attending festivals who are susceptible to morning after drink driving; during the summer months large amounts of alcohol are often consumed at weddings, BBQs and evening parties.

This campaign highlights the issue of morning after drink driving in an informative and non-threatening manner. Provide people with information to help them make an informed decision as to whether they will be safe and legal to drive the ‘morning after’.

The resources include a ‘summer festival’ poster, summer night out poster, A6 postcards and a wallet sized drink drive information card.

The resources are backed by an established website (which received more than 800,000 page views in 2016), an online drinks calculator and a smartphone app. The campaign is also actively supported on social media with Facebook and Twitter pages.

For more information contact Edward Seaman.

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